(Q) Why are your prices so low ?

Because we manufacture in bulk, and buy large quantities, we are able to keep costs to a minimum.

(Q) Where are the engines manufactured?

The engines are manufactured and marinised in our factory in Asia.

(Q) What is the quality of the engines?

Almost everything you buy nowadays is made in Asia. The quality of their products is very high, and all products that are manufactured in our factory are built to ISO standards; thus ensuring that quality control is paramount.

(Q) What is the base engine?

The mini range is based on a similar design to the Kubota block The Midi and Maxi range are based on a Nissan block

(Q) What is the lead-time?

Most engines we have in stock for next day delivery if required. If the engine is a special order or not in stock the lead-time is a maximum of 10 weeks.

(Q) What happens if there is a problem with the engine?

Marine Power solutions offer a 1 year warranty and holds spares in stock. The engines are very reliable and we are confident that you will not experience any problems?

(Q) How easy are they to fit?

The engines are all designed to be easy to fit; they come complete with most parts and have ‘easi-fit’ electric plugs that connect to the engine loom.

(Q) Can I view the engines?

We are open for viewing most days but please arrange a time by telephone before arriving.

(Q) Do you have a fitting service?

Currently we do not offer installation, but if you go to the dealer/installer page you can get links to them.

(Q) Where can I buy spares?

Marine Power Solutions holds spares in stock. The consumable items are all readily available.

(Q) Is it possible to buy the engine without gearbox?

Yes it is possible but there is no reduction in price.

(Q) Do you sell abroad?

Yes, we are able to sell to any country. If you are in the EU we must charge VAT.

(Q) Does the price include shipping?

No, shipping is extra; it costs £70.00 for a next day delivery to the UK mainland.